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Our practice opened in July of 2006. Our goal is to provide excellent care and customer service in a friendly, warm, and inviting atmosphere where patients leave with a positive eyecare and eyewear experience; not just an eye exam and a pair of glasses. 

Dr. Christy Taylor graduated from Auburn University in 1996 and completed her doctorate in optometry from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis in 2001. She practiced in Middle Tennessee prior to opening her new practice in Franklin. Many of Dr. Taylor's patients have commented on how friendly and caring she is during their exam. In addition to enjoying patient encounters with any age, Dr. Taylor has a special gift for working with children. In her spare time, Dr. Taylor enjoys spending time with her husband, Michael, and their two boys, Thomas and Benjamin.  WAR EAGLE!

TaylorMade Eyecare & Optical is a member of Vision Source, the nation’s premier network of private practice optometrists. As a member of Middle Tennessee Vision Source, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive eye health care and the gold standard in patient experience. 
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Patient Feedback

Dr. Christy Taylor has been my Optometrist for the last three years at Tullahoma, TN. She is very professional in the conduct of her services and has treated me with a great deal of care and compassion. She is a "pro" at what she does and provides a very valuable service to her patients. Dr. Taylor is highly proficient technically and also has the ability to put her patients at ease with a warm and friendly mannerism.  She has also treated my wife professionally and correctly diagnosed the need for cataract surgery for her. The surgery was very successful and Dr. Taylor subsequently managed her care and treatment of post surgery.  

I strongly believe that Dr. Taylor would be a real asset to Franklin, TN by opening her practice there. She would be a wonderful addition to the health services for any community. She is a "quality person" and a highly qualified Optometrist! My only regret would be losing her services when she relocates her practice.  

Thank You


George R. Johnson
Col., USAF Retired
Colleague Feedback

As the first optometric intern from Southern College of Optometry you provided exceptional care to over 300 patients from 05 Jun 00 to 18 Aug 00. You worked above and beyond the call of duty by providing administrative support to the department and assistance with the Frame of Choice Program by fitting and dispensing over 160 pairs of military issue glasses. Your outstanding focus on customer service and attention to detail were often commented upon by your patients as well as those you worked with.  The contributions you made to the delievery of health care to our patients are greatly appreciated. We wish you "Fair winds and following seas" as you continue on.

R. J. Flethcer, Jr.
Capt, MSC, USN
Officer in Charge
Dr. Christy with youngest son, Ben, during the office build out.
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Uncommon Service
Common Name...
Uncommon Service