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Dr Christy Taylor, OD  +  Dr Carrie Hall, OD

3046 Columbia Ave Suite 209

Franklin, TN 37064

Parkway Commons Shopping Center

Phone/Text 615-599-0037

Office Fax    615-599-0733

Office Hours: Monday-Friday  9 am-5 pm

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Surgical Co-Management

Ocular Disease Managment

Mid-Year Refractions

Contact Lens Fittings

Contact Lens Training

Frame Styling

Optical Ordering

Courtesy Insurance Filing

Patient Portal Access

Frame Adjustments

Frame Repair


About Us

At TaylorMade Eyecare & Optical we provide care for all aspects of your optical needs; from routine to medical to post-surgical care, for all ages.


From the moment we opened the doors of our practice in July of 2006, our goal has been to serve the community and provide excellent care and customer service in a friendly, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Where patients leave with a positive eyecare and eyewear experience; not just an eye exam and a pair of glasses.

We offer complete ophthalmic medical services. Whether you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, want laser vision correction, have red or irritated eyes, need treatment for ocular diseases such as glaucoma or dry eye, or are experiencing computer eye strain – TaylorMade Eyecare & Optical can help.​​


We take the time to explain any tests or procedures, review our findings, and match our recommendations to your lifestyle – including glasses, contacts, laser vision correction, and recommend solutions for computer-related vision problems.


We use the latest technology, and when necessary, partner with surgeons and other health care facilities in the area to ensure you get the best possible care. Our doctors have the highest degree of optometry, and are certified to medically manage and treat ocular disease. We also co-manage with your designated Primary Care Physician for any existing systemic diaseases.

We accept a wide variety of insurance coverage, so you don’t have to switch doctors just because you switch jobs or insurance plans.


Our services are TaylorMade for you!



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Q: How can I pay my balance without coming in to the office?

A: We can text you a link to pay via your mobile phone.

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Q: What number do I text to if I have a question, or need to send a picture of my insurance card, or my medication list, or a silly selfie of me in my new glasses?
A: You can send text messages to our main phone line 615-599-0037.

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Q: I previously opted out of text messaging. How do I opt back in?
A: Simply text the word  'start' to 86961. You will then begin to receive text messages when your glasses or contact lenses arrive, or for appointment reminders, etc. 

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Q: I've worn contacts before, why do I need to have a new contact lens fitting each year?
A: Contact lenses are classified by the FDA as class II and class III medical devices; consequently they are regulated by prescription laws similar to that of prescription medications. The contact lens evaluation is to ensure that the eyes and contact lenses are still compatible. Your prescription may be updated to ensure optimal vision and eye health. Because the contact lens evaluation is elective, there is an additional evaluation fee.

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Q: What do I do if my contact lens prescription changes this year and I have contacts left over?
A: The majority of our patients will not have left over contact lenses if an annual supply is ordered at their yearly exam and they are worn appropriately. However, occasionally there will be some left over if you split your time between glasses wear and contact lens wear. In these cases, if you originally purchased your contacts with us, we will gladly exchange any left over lenses you have with your new Rx.

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Q: What if I've been wearing my contact lenses for a few months and I feel like the Rx is off?
A: Patients can experience an Rx change during the year for many reasons. Our vision is not on a 12 month cycle, even though our insurance plan is! If this is the case for you, give us a call. A new refraction and contact lens fitting fee will apply, but we will happy to exchange any contact lenses for your new Rx.

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Q: Why is my glasses prescription different from my contact lens prescription?
A: When you wear a pair of glasses, the lenses sit farther away from the eye than when you are wearing contact lenses. Usually the glasses Rx is stronger than the contact lens Rx. The contact lens Rx also contains other parameters that don't apply to glasses; ie: base curve and diameter, both of which reference the shape and curve of your eyeball.

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Q: Do I have to be dilated?
A: Certain health conditions (diabetes, etc) require, as standard of care, dilation. If you are in good health, you can opt-in for the Optomap Retinal Image for $39, which replaces the need for dilation.

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Q: Do you repair glasses?
A: We are able to perform minor repairs to most glasses. Services would include standard adjustments, replacing most nose pads, screw replacements, and deep cleaning. We are not able to solder any materials. We are happy to look at your frame and determine if the repair is something we can do in the office.

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Q: Do you feel like Claire Fraser's optical exam in S5E2 of Outlander is an accurate portrayal of how things were done in the 1700's?
A: Although it may be historically accurate, I would not want to wear a pair of glasses by that method.

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