The all new Varilux X Series extends the area of sharp vision within arm's reach, so you can enjoy sharp vision at every distance without compromise.
NEW Progressive Technology
NEW Anti-Glare Technology
Reduces reflections on the lens from all directions for less distracting glare, improved aesthetics, enhanced UV protection, and safer nighttime driving 
in a clear lens.
NEW Single Vision 
Defends against eyestrain from extended up-close viewing of digital devices, and reduces exposure to harmful blue light*.
The Ultimate in UV/Blue Light Protection
Adapts to light inside and outside for comfortable vision, and helps protect from UV rays and harmful blue light*.
*Eyezen+ and Transitions Signature VII lenses block at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light indoors and Transitions Signature VII lenses block over 85% of Harmful Blue Light outdoors. Harmful Blue Light is the blue-violet high-energy wavelengths found between 415-455 nm on the light spectrum believed to be most toxic to retinal cells.
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